a b o u t  b l o m m a

Blomma (Bloh-ma; Swedish) To Flower, To Bloom or Blossom

We want to create atmospheres and events where friends and family can walk in and feel at home. Using flowers to make people feel special and celebrated. 


From a young age I've been fascinated by the beauty in the world around us. Whether in listening to a soft song, being near the water at my family's lake house, or watching spring as it blooms. I love anything that has the power to soften the heart and remind us to live and love and hold on to the things that really matter. I began this business to do just that. To use flowers to remind people of how beautiful life is and to give couples on their wedding day a picture of how wonderful their love is.


There are so many times in life to celebrate! Birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, weddings and so much more! Flowers are the perfect way to make life's little celebrations so special and memorable and I would love to be a part of creating something for you! 

- Taryn Fleming (Owner)

s e r v i c e s

We Want To Make Your Day Beautiful

Based in Grayslake, IL, we bring our services to both Chicago, the Northern Suburbs, as well as Southern Wisconsin. 

Blomma specializes in bespoke floral and design services for weddings and special events.

Our aesthetic is organic, loose, and garden inspired with a somewhat modern, Scandinavian & French approach. The movement and color tone of each individual bloom is the base for each of our arrangements.

We specialize in sourcing the highest quality of blooms, vessels, ribbons, and other textiles. Our blooms of choice are lush, delicate and unique. We tend towards sourcing blooms that are not found at typical florists and that have a natural “pulled from nature” look. When we can, we forage for added unique greens and blooms that are local and in-season. We also visit the local markets in the week before an event to be sure to source the finest color palette, textures and quality available.

Blomma provides various levels of service depending on what is most needed for each individual. We offer a full wedding planning process, design and set-up all the way down to small arrangements for a bridal or baby shower. It is important to us to work with each client to provide them with exactly the look they are hoping for within their ideal budget.

We want to make sure you feel special & taken care of no matter what the occasion!